Socratic Method or What Have I Done To Deserve This?

Mention the Socratic Method to law students  and you will elicit groans, curse words and the like. It is a rite of passage that virtually all law students endure. Whenever you even think you are about to be called upon the bottom of your stomach falls down to your ankles. Your mouth gets dry and you […]


If you have finished at least one semester of law school you may have begun to realize just how lonely being an attorney can be. I am sure many readers are surprised at this statement. Most people have pictures of Perry Mason in their minds, with his trusty Della by his side 24/7. No, being […]

Waiting and Waiting

At my law school, Oklahoma City University School of Law, we will find out our grades on January 20th. That is 5 full weeks after the last final. In other words, an ETERNITY. Law students everywhere are bemoaning the speed at which grades are posted. Not I (okay, I do too). But let’s look at […]