Waiting and Waiting

At my law school, Oklahoma City University School of Law, we will find out our grades on January 20th. That is 5 full weeks after the last final. In other words, an ETERNITY. Law students everywhere are bemoaning the speed at which grades are posted. Not I (okay, I do too). But let’s look at why this happens.

The first thing we need to understand is that law school is not just teaching us the mechanics of being a lawyer. The school is mandated, albeit de facto and not de jure, to prepare us to BE lawyers. We are lawyers in training. Someday we will file a brief and have to wait months to hear the judge’s ruling. Or we will file a motion and have to wait. Now, if we hadn’t been taught in law school how to wait, then we will be unprepared to wait in our law practice. While we wait for grades we have Christmas with our families, have a vacation and go back to school for two weeks before grades come out. That’s what we’re going to have to do in practice. We will file a motion or a brief with the court, and go back to our practices and lives, putting aside the angst of waiting. If we can’t do it in law school, what makes us think we can do it in our law practice?

Happy waiting.

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