To Appeal or Not, That is the Question?

Okay, maybe I took a bit of liberty with Hamlet, but geez, I like my version better. I mean, who cares if your being (obviously if you’re alive, you’re in a state of being. But should you appeal your case? That is a much more important question.

And not quite so simple. As a person who has my own (cough, cough, possibly liberal leanings) I may want to appeal more (or less) than the client. For example, I once had a client that wanted her child to have her last name, a name she gave the child at birth. This was prior to November 1st, 2014,  when the law took affect that both parents had to agree to change the child’s name. Prior to this date, the parent wanting to change the name had to show that there was a good reason to change the name and that it wasn’t just sexist. Well, guess what? In my case, this wasn’t proven by the other side. The judge, being a man and middle-aged,  went with being fair by hyphenating the name.

I wanted to appeal. Can you hear me jumping up and down in this sentence?! Oh, the injustice! The sexism! The . . . well, you get my drift. But my client said no. And you can’t appeal without a client. Grrr.

So, should you appeal? Well, that depends. If it’s be emotionally easier to let it go, then no, it’s not worth it. If you are going to regret losing the case or issue the rest of your life, then yes, go for it. I mean, what have you got to lose? I personally, am a go-for-broke person in my personal life. I’d probably do it, if I cared enough to care. That is my personal litmus test. Do I care enough to care, or is it a medium not caring one way or the other. Only you can decide for yourself if it’s worth the additional cost and angst. All legal cases cause angst. Sometimes it’s better to let go. Sometimes it’s not. But ultimately, only you can decide.

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